Andy Hall new Chief Inspector of UK Office for Nuclear Regulation

UK Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has an new Chief Nuclear Inspector to lead its regulatory activity: Dr Andy Hall, currently ONR’s First Deputy Chief Nuclear Inspector, was appointed following an open recruitment exercise, chaired by an independent Civil Service Commissioner. He will be initially in post for a three year, fixed term, basis.

Dr Andy Hall previously led power reactor and nuclear fuel cycle divisions within the Health and Safety Executive’s Nuclear Installations Inspectorate, and was engaged in nuclear safety analysis and research at the UK Atomic Energy Authority. This followed an early academic career, during which he gained a doctorate in theoretical astrophysics at the University of Oxford and held positions in a number of its colleges.  

The ONR’s Chief Executive Officer, John Jenkins said:

“I’d like to welcome Dr Hall to this key role at ONR. His high standard of academic achievement, nuclear hazard knowledge and experience in the field will be invaluable in further developing ONR’s national and international credibility.  The depth and breadth of Andy’s knowledge will be instrumental in helping ONR to conduct its regulatory functions with efficiency and rigour.”