WGWD draft disposal report: call for stakeholder comments

The working group on waste and decommissioning (WGWD) of WENRA has published the draft of the WENRA disposal report. The safety reference levels of this report comprehensively address all safety related aspects in the lifetime of any type of repository for any type of radioactive waste. Since sociological, economical and political aspects are not considered, the report starts to address a repository project as soon as the site selection phase has been completed. More details on methodology and on scope can be found in chapter 1 of the report.

All relevant comments are welcome and those which arrive before 30. April 2013 are guaranteed to be evaluated by WGWD in the further finalization process of the disposal report.

For communicating your response please use any of the following methods:

  • Mail to responsible report editor: Inmaculada Maria Simon Cirujano, ISC@csn.es
  • Mail to the chairman of WGWD: Stefan Theis, stefan.theis@ensi.ch
  • Contact your national WGWD-representative: see page 4/5 of the report
  • Mail to the WENRA secretary: info@wenra.eu
  • By using the response form on www.wenra.org/publications/27/comment/ (no longer available)

More information is included in an editorial note on page 2 of the report as well as in its introductory chapters.

WGWD draft disposal report