WENRA Autumn Meeting Madrid 2015
The WENRA autumn plenary meeting was held in Madrid, Spain on 26-27 October 2015. During the meeting, the Heads of the European Nuclear Safety Authorities discussed current issues and challenges regarding nuclear safety in Europe. 

"It was another fruitful plenary meeting", WENRA Chairman Hans Wanner summarized the meeting. "One of the main goals of our club is to continue maintaining and strengthening personal contacts among the heads of the national regulators and to stimulate mutual informal exchanges about current and upcoming issues and challenges." 

The Chairmen of WENRA’s two permanent Working Groups, the Working Group on Waste and Decommissioning WGWD and the Reactor Harmonization Working Group RHWG reported on their recent activities.

WGWD Chair Stefan Theis (Switzerland) reported on the publication of the WGWD Report on Decommissioning  and on the status of the Disposal and Waste Processing Reports.

RHWG Chair Fabien Feron (France) reported on the revision of the Safety Reference Levels (SRLs) for existing reactors and on ways for WENRA to monitor the implementation of the 2014 SRLs. Another topic was WENRA’s task to develop the technical specifications for the Topical Peer Review for ENSREG that shall be performed in all EU countries in 2017 according to the in 2014 amended European Nuclear Safety Directive. The topic of the first topical peer review is Ageing Management.

The WENRA members were also informed of the situation with the reactor pressure vessels in Switzerland, Belgium and France. WENRA Chair Hans Wanner presented the situation in the Swiss Nuclear Power Plant Beznau 1 and the President of the French nuclear safety authority ASN Pierre-Franck Chevet presented the current situation in the EPR reactor pressure vessel in Flamanville.

Furthermore, Petteri Tiippana, Director General of the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority STUK was appointed Vice Chair of WENRA. Mr Tiippana will replace former Commissioner of the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council CSN Mr Antoni Gurgui.